Visio 2019 Professional

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Prerequisite: Office 2019 Pro or Office 2019 Pro Plus (not compatible with other Office 2019 products and versions of other vintages)

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Why Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional

Microsoft Visio remains the best tool in the Professional 2019 edition for designing diagrams in organisations, guided by widely used industry standards such as IEEE. In addition, Microsoft has made thousands of improvements in detail and introduced new features to make it easier, above all, to work on projects in larger teams. The software is thus explicitly aimed at professional users. Nevertheless, the familiar easy entry into the programme is retained, which is mainly achieved through countless templates and the proven Office interface. Every purchaser continues to receive 2 GB of free storage space in Microsoft’s own cloud solution OneDrive.

Generating diagrams is possible in Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 immediately after starting the programme: hundreds of templates based on a selection of more than 250,000 shapes ensure this. Since the desktop application is constantly updating itself, new templates are added regularly. Finished diagrams are subsequently shared by users not only as Visio data sets, but also via the internet: For this purpose, Visio Professional 2019 supports web-based representations of diagrams or also the output as a PDF file for users who do not use Visio on their device. Comments that other users subsequently leave in the diagram are also immediately visible to the creator of the project and thus receive feedback.

Especially for Visio Professional 2019 and Windows 10, Microsoft has also improved support for finger inputs and pens, such as the Microsoft Surface Pen. Diagrams can thus be refined through natural input methods, using virtual ink or even the fingers to colour in shapes, move them around, rearrange diagrams and much more. This also makes it easier to use the programme on a tablet such as the iPad Pro, for which a separate app is available in the official Apple Store. To collaborate better with others, the annotation functions have been improved and the integration of Skype for Business into the programme interface has been extended.

New data is imported directly into Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 from popular other applications such as Excel. This saves time when editing diagrams, as manual entries become less frequent. In order to subsequently enrich those diagrams with life and clearly present even large amounts of information, countless colours, shapes and graphics are available to focus on the data that is really important for the viewer. In addition, the programme supports the integration of drawings created in the popular AutoCAD software. This also expands the range of functions considerably, as even complex shapes become possible.

Furthermore, as soon as data of any kind changes that was previously already integrated into the diagram, Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 will immediately change the representation of the project. To do this, the programme permanently scans the integrated data – regardless of where it comes from and whether it is available locally or in the network – and then immediately passes on changes to the current diagram. In this way, all the people working on this project always keep track of each other and work together on a single version of this diagram. Doing away with manual updates also simplifies the work process and saves a lot of time in the long run.

Microsoft has developed Visio Professional 2019 to be compatible exclusively with one of the editions of Windows 10 as well as Windows 10S. It is not possible to run the software with an older version of Windows. Furthermore, this offer is a single licence for a desktop PC or notebook. There are no additional subscription costs. Microsoft guarantees to provide this software with updates for at least five years.

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