Office 2019 Professional Plus

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The Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus office software package includes:

Suitable for:

Original Microsoft activation key
Permanent and immediately usable full version
With download and detailed instructions

Why Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

Users who use the full range of Microsoft Office at home or in the office are excellently advised with the Professional Plus edition. Included are all the important programmes: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. At the same time, OneNote is now available for download via the Windows Store to quickly create notes and make them available on all devices via the cloud. Due to the high bandwidth of different programmes, the Professional Plus variant is primarily aimed at people who work at home in a home office or are looking for a powerful, reliable solution in a small office to organise documents, spreadsheets & Co.

Word 2019

Word 2019

is the most powerful tool for creating documents. From everyday “paperwork” to official company documents, Word’s functionality spans the entire range of text creation. Also new in this edition is improved virtual ink recognition, so writing with a pen directly on the screen now translates better into printed type. Speech input has also been improved. Microsoft has also made numerous improvements to details: SVG graphics, for example, allow the integration of even complex image documents without resulting in high memory requirements. Scaling and other measures for image processing also work better as a result.

Access 2019

In companies, on the other hand, Access 2019

provides a powerful solution for creating and managing databases of all kinds. The new version supports the generation of database applications that work directly in the browser and are thus particularly lean. Stored data then ends up in SQL databases, for example, where there is secure access.

Publisher 2019

Publisher 2019

, on the other hand, improves the possibilities for publishing graphics of all kinds: for presentations, for advertising, for flyers, magazines & Co. In detail, Microsoft has once again significantly improved both programmes in Office 2019 Professional Plus, for example to expand pen recognition in Publisher and to speed up collaboration on databases in Access with colleagues.

Excel 2019

When it comes to working with tables, Excel 2019

still has the best features to offer: Excel offers even more improvements in this version for tables of all kinds, from finances and product databases to data entry for tax returns and the like. Among other things, new representations of visual information have been added, and more mathematical functions are integrated by default. The excellent compatibility with CSV files has remained.

Power Point 2019

Similarly, PowerPoint 2019 now offers the option of integrating ultra-HD recordings directly into presentations as well as freely scaling graphics and zooming in and out of images. This makes it easier to do without external image processing.

Outlook 2019

Outlook 2019

continues to grant access to all stored contacts as well as email addresses. Especially in offices in connection with an Exchange server, this is a good way to keep information about customers and partners always up to date. In addition, the application supports the creation of any number of email accounts, which is convenient for users with a large number of accounts. Across all programmes, Office 2019 Professional Plus offers the tried and tested interface that has now been integrated into every application for more than a decade. The workflow thus extends across every application and is very similar everywhere – whether in Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint.

Office 2019 Professional Plus is limited by Microsoft to use with Windows 10 and Windows 10S. This means that none of the included programmes are compatible with an older edition of Windows. Furthermore, this collection of programmes is a licence that belongs entirely to the purchaser. After purchase, use is possible for an indefinite period of time without having to take out further subscriptions. Microsoft guarantees a support period of at least five years for all editions of Office 2019 on all device types.

Minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Working memory: at least 2 GB RAM
  • Hard disk: at least 3 GB available space
  • Screen: at least 1,024 * 768 pixel resolution
  • Graphics card: DirectX 10 support required for GPU-accelerated interface
  • Browser: current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari
  • .NET version: at least .NET version 3.5

Need help with the installation?

Here go directly to the installation help for Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus!

Installation & activation

Our step-by-step guide will help you install your new software quickly and smoothly.

If you don’t have a licence key yet, you can buy one here: to the product.

ATTENTION: If you have Office 365 pre-installed on your computer, log out and uninstall Office 365 completely. Otherwise you will receive a request to subscribe to the programme after the trial version expires – but with Office 2016/2019 Professional Plus you have purchased an unlimited licence (without expiry date)!


You have received your product key and the corresponding download links by e-mail. You can download the software in different languages (DE, FR, IT and EN) and either in the 32- or 64-bit version. You can find out which version your device supports under “Settings → System → Info”, where the system type of your device is displayed. You can either start the download directly via a link sent to you by us or go to the download centre on our website. There you can also download the desired version.

2. Download our product by clicking on “Download”.

3. Extract the downloaded file by right-clicking on the folder and left-clicking on “Extract all…”.

4. Click on “Extract” as in the following picture.

5. The process should have started and it should look similar to the picture.

6. Now the file folder opens and you can double-click on the “Start” file.

7. The installation process has now begun.

8. After completing the installation, you can search for “Word” in the search field at the bottom left and open it.

9. Once you have opened Word, select an empty document. In the top left-hand corner, click on “File” and then on “Account”. There you should be able to click on “Change Product Key” as in the following picture.

10. This field should then open. Type in the key you received from us by e-mail and click on the “Activate” field.

Done! You can now start using Office 2019 Professional Plus. We wish you a lot of fun with the new product. Thank you for your trust in keyportal. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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