Windows Server 2019 Datacenter




Why Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

With the Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2019, the Redmond-based software company is building on the strengths of Windows Server 2016 and helping large companies and organisations to create a network structure that is as stable as it is powerful. The new version relies on numerous improvements and exclusive functions. The server operating system offers advantages in particular for companies that want to buy Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and use it in a “hybrid cloud scenario”. Part of the overall package is, among other things, the improved connection to Microsoft Azure through the use of the browser-based tool “Project Honolulu”.

More security in Windows Server 2019

Security is still the big issue in the server sector. With the Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition, Microsoft is once again reacting to current threats from the World Wide Web and improving its server operating system in numerous places. Of particular interest to users is the cooperation with Windows Defender Advanced ThreatProtection. This protection mechanism is specialised in the detection of threats without signature files and thus effectively protects against root kits and zero-day attacks, which are not detected by conventional virus scanners, through the cloud connection. Added to this is simpler and better encryption, which also covers network traffic and virtual machines (VMs).

Express updates and better integration of Microsoft Azure

Users of the Windows Server 2019 Datacenter edition will also benefit from Microsoft’s Express Updates, as they are already known from the Windows 10 desktop operating system. The big advantage is that the new Express Updates are significantly smaller than the delta updates that have been common with Windows Server up to now. The Express Updates, which function similarly to successive data backups, not only accelerate the download and installation, but also reduce the number of necessary restarts of the servers used.

The new version is also characterised by closer integration with Microsoft Azure. This in turn opens up new possibilities for users of the Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition, such as simplified synchronisation of files, data backup via Azure Backup or populating file servers with Azure Files from the cloud. In addition to the connection of clusters to Microsoft Azure, there is also the option of backing up data in the cloud with the Storage Migration Assistant.

Another new feature is the improved virtualisation of Linux servers under Windows Server 2019 and their protection via “shielded virtual machines”, which was previously only possible with Windows servers. With Windows Server 2019, Linux distributions can now also be integrated within the Windows installation via Windows Subsystem for Linux. This has the advantage that Linux servers can now also be conveniently managed from Windows servers with Linux commands.

Flexible licensing concept for large organisations

Companies that buy Windows Server 2019 Datacenter still benefit from a well thought-out licensing concept that scores with the highest possible flexibility. Just like the Standard Edition of Windows Server 2019, the Datacenter Edition is also licensed hardware-dependently via core licensing, including the accessing devices and users. As with the predecessor, the “8-core minimum” per processor and the “16-core minimum” per server still apply.

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