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Use McAfee Internet Security to protect your computer against threats from the Internet – such as viruses. Worms. Attacks by hackers or even data loss through phishing. You can either let the programme work unnoticed in the background or you can become active yourself and scan your computer specifically. McAfee Internet Security gives you the freedom of choice and thus makes a decisive contribution to the security of your PC. Protect up to three Windows PCs for a year with this version of the software and always be on the safe side.

Important functions in McAfee Internet Security:

  • Antivirus protection that lives up to its name: McAfee Internet Security is ideally suited against any type of malware and deletes it when found, either automatically or on demand.
  • Firewall protection makes your PC immune to attacks via the network. Every connection is comprehensively controlled. The programme ensures that no one gains access to your computer.
  • Use QuickClean. to delete data you don’t need and make it unrecoverable. The ideal solution when reselling a hard drive or PC.
  • McAfee Internet Security protects your children: block certain websites and set up rules in just a few steps. that define exactly. which websites are suitable for children and which are not.
  • Use email protection to protect against spam and phishing attempts. The tool automatically monitors your email inbox and you stay protected at all times.

Virus protection with McAfee Internet Security
This anti-virus programme permanently scans your hard disk and memory and thus does not allow any malware to enter your PC. Delete corresponding viruses. Trojans and worms immediately or move them to the safe quarantine section of your computer. McAfee Internet Security updates itself several times a day, so you’re always protected against the latest threats. You don’t have to take manual steps to perform these updates, so you know you’re protected against attacks around the clock.

NetGuard. which is part of McAfee Internet Security. gives you a firewall that checks incoming and outgoing connections and downloads. Someone is trying to break into your computer through your Wi-Fi connection? This virus protection will inform you immediately and you can have appropriate countermeasures initiated. Through the Site-Advisor, McAfee Internet Security also warns you about harmful websites or links: You will immediately receive a statement about which websites are clean and on which viruses could infect your PC. Never surf unprotected again!

McAfee Internet Security also for older devices

Among other things, this programme contains QuickClean: with it you can free especially weaker computers from file ballast on your hard disk. McAfee Internet Security automatically searches for unnecessary data and deletes it for you. If you plan to resell your hard drive or computer, McAfee Internet Security reliably deletes all content and makes it unreadable, so that your documents do not fall into the wrong hands. Because the real-time scan for malware also requires only a few resources. this antivirus programme is an ideal solution. also for older devices.

Furthermore, you get protection for your children: define websites. that are unsuitable for your children and block access to malicious software. This increases the safety of your children and also for yourself. Also benefit from email filtering: spam messages are much better detected. by using McAfee Internet Security. Phishing messages. which could potentially grab data for online banking or other financial transactions. are also banned from your inbox. You can surf and read emails in peace. without feeling permanently threatened.

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