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Efficient security software such as Kaspersky Internet Security should not be missing from any notebook or desktop computer, because as current statistics show, the threat from the Internet is constantly increasing. The heart of the latest security package from Kaspersky Labs is the comprehensive virus and malware protection, which is also included in Kaspersky Anti-Virus. This protects Windows computers. Macs and mobile devices, among others, from viruses. Worms. Malware. Ransomware and the increasingly common encryption Trojans.

But that’s not all. Kaspersky Internet Security is much more than an anti-virus program. especially as it fends off phishing attacks in online banking. supports the preservation of privacy and protects PINs and passwords from data theft. In addition, the software includes an individually configurable parental control mechanism. with the help of which unwanted content can be blocked and access to social networks can be managed.

Safe surfing under the protection of the cloud
In order to be able to react as quickly as possible to the ever-changing threats, the experts at Kaspersky Labs are once again relying on a direct connection to the cloud in the latest version of their Internet Security Suite. Thanks to this protection mechanism, all users benefit directly when a new threat is detected on another user’s device and entered into the constantly updated online database. Almost in real time, it is possible to react directly to threats by means of signature updates. In addition, there is efficient protection against various exploits as a result of improved vulnerability detection.

Security in all digital areas of life

Another key component of Kaspersky Internet Security is the protection of online payment transactions through integrated phishing protection, which reliably warns users against fake websites of banks and payment service providers. The software package also focuses on protecting privacy. No matter. whether it is a matter of user identity when banking online. browsing shopping sites. in social networks or protection directly on the home computer. the current version of Kaspersky Internet Security offers fully comprehensive security.

While users of webcams are also protected by a protection function against the misuse of the camera by criminals. parents are given the opportunity to actively protect their children. by blocking downloads or the sending of personal data. Moreover, via the Internet Security Multi-Device security suite, the extensive security options can also be used on Android devices as well as Mac systems.

New features in Kaspersky Internet Security

This version of the security software comes with numerous detailed improvements that make it much easier to use and prevent disruptions from the software. For example, the notification system has been adapted so that only critical messages are displayed when working in full-screen mode and the workflow is not disturbed by superfluous pop-ups.

In addition to the possibility of opening special websites directly in a secure browser via an icon, there is also an improved anti-banner component. In the current version, it is now possible to configure a filter for specific banners that are to be blocked by Kaspersky Internet Security. Another new feature is the significantly upgraded version of the tool for removing unnecessary or unwanted software, which is now much more intuitive to use.

The right version for every requirement

Those who want to protect several devices have the option of purchasing licences for installation on 3 or 5 desktop devices or notebooks in addition to the single licence valid for one year. Alternatively, there is the option to book the licence package for two years right at the beginning of the term in order to benefit from the comprehensive protection of Kaspersky Internet Security at particularly favourable conditions in the long term.

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