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AVG AntiVirus Business Edition is a highly customisable and best-in-class antivirus software. that protects thousands of businesses from viruses. Ransomware. Malware. Adware. Trojans. Rootkits. Hackers. and other threats. It is a computer security solution. with which small and medium-sized businesses can protect their data. Files. Emails. Networks and PC devices from cyber threats.
In addition, AVG AntiVirus extends its ransomware protection to business mobile phones and tablets through its antivirus app for Android. The software also offers theft protection features for lost or stolen phones or tablets. AVG AntiVirus can also protect households from ransomware and webcam spying through a version of the program. intended for personal and family use.

Keep data. Files and identity securely

Business and customer data is one of a company’s most important assets. When hackers and malware sneak in. this data can be compromised. resulting in data breaches and business interruptions. AVG AntiVirus is designed to. keep important data and files safe. private and out of the hands of hackers.

To ensure data security. the software encrypts and stores company files and documents on a virtual hard drive on a PC. which is password protected. It also has an advanced file shredder. which securely deletes files. so no one can recover them with malicious intent. In addition, AVG AntiVirus has anti-spyware. which prevents identity theft. by detecting spyware and adware. that collect personal data.

Protect the network with link scanning

AVG AntiVirus helps protect a network from cyber threats and ensure that businesses and their employees can access the Internet safely and securely. Before the web page is loaded and opened in a browser. the software first scans it and displays a security rating in the search engine results. When users click on links. AVG AntiVirus alerts them to suspicious incidents.

Email Shield technology

The antivirus software also offers email protection technology that automatically scans emails and removes content that contains malware or security threats. It blocks suspicious and dangerous email attachments.

Smart Scanner

AVG AntiVirus not only protects data. Files and networks. but also PC devices from malware and hackers. Using the advanced scanning engine, computers are automatically scanned. when employees are not working. This smart scanning technology never sleeps. and because it does the hard work. employees can focus on their work.

Remote management

AVG AntiVirus offers a very interesting feature. which allows administrators to install and configure the software remotely from a single location. This way, they can easily deploy the software to all computers on their network. In addition, the software updates itself automatically. to protect devices from the latest threats.

Powerful mobile security

With AVG AntiVirus, smartphones and tablets. used by employees. are protected against the latest viruses. Malware. Spyware. unsafe apps and settings. and unwanted callers. This is because. an antivirus app is provided for Android devices. which can be downloaded from Google Play. Once installed. the app runs in the background and provides users with powerful mobile security.

Anti-theft and camera trap

If users lose their business phone or tablet. they can track it with AVG AntiVirus on AVG’s Anti-Theft website. Through this website, they can lock the device. activate an alarm or remotely wipe its data. If their phone or tablet falls into the wrong hands. users can use AVG AntiVirus’ camera trap feature to identify the person. who received it. If a thief tries. to unlock the device. but fails three times. Camera Trap captures a secret photo of the person and emails it to the owner of the phone or tablet.

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