Avast Premier




Avast Premier” is the top-class virus protection and Internet protection from Avast. You can download the trial version from us now and try it out for 30 days free of charge. Avast Software’s flagship product “avast Premier” contains all the features of the free avast Free Antivirus and the paid avast Internet Security. Notable features include an anti-spam filter to detect unwanted e-mails and an integrated firewall that can be controlled directly from the user interface. An automatic programme updater is also included.

The real-time protection also monitors all of your computer’s activity. all running programmes and files in real time – from the programme start and whenever. a file is opened or closed.

FileRep and WebRep compare files and websites with databases and inform you. whether they are trustworthy.

The Virus Container included in the programme is an isolated and protected place on your hard drive. where suspicious or dangerous files can be kept. without causing any harm. From here you can decide. what to do with the suspicious files.

Also included in the Premier version are a data shredder tool. a browser cleanup tool to remove unwanted toolbars and an update function. which keeps the PC up-to-date with automatic streaming updates.

Streaming updates ensure updated virus signatures and the software updater checks other software on your PC for possible updates. The browser cleanup tool removes annoying toolbars and add-ons from your browsers.

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