Norton (Internet) Security




Protection with needs-based applications Norton Security software is valuable protection in relation to sources of danger. that surfing and other activities on the Internet give rise to. Malware and spyware are the most common threats in this context, along with viruses, and ever new developments in this area require powerful software. that is always ready for them. Attacks by hackers or malware are reliably detected by Norton. These attacks are blocked in advance or the user is warned. Norton Security is thus an ideal supplement to the firewall on a computer. which is already automatically integrated into Windows PCs, for example. The Norton version is suitable for private users with high demands as well as for professional needs. Antivirus technology is the basis of the performance of the Norton product. which offers a high level of comfort. Speed and resource conservation are features of the programme. This has already led to multiple awards for high consumer value.

Security for online activities

Norton Security attaches great importance to the security of sensitive data and also payments. which are among the most frequent transactions on the Internet. Online banking is the classic example. where users attach great importance to security through powerful software. Hacker attacks and misuse of data by third parties show. that data security is becoming increasingly important and requires a professional product such as Norton’s.

Virus protection promise and Norton expert
A sign. that Norton is clearly aware of its quality in virus defence. is the virus protection promise from Symantec. Norton Security makes the promise to reliably protect against viruses. Should this not succeed. there is money back for the consumer. Norton’s expert. who is placed at the user’s side. also contributes to security. He is active immediately. when a subscription to the Norton software comes into effect.

User-friendliness as an important topic

User-friendliness is a top priority in the Norton systems and also in the version. The user interface is easy to use and does not require a great deal of training. The comfort already starts with the installation: the programme is simply put into operation by means of the activation key supplied. Norton Support is available to answer any questions. Even inexperienced users can handle the programme well and avoid mistakes. which open the door to viruses.

Device management on the Internet
Anyone who protects five devices with a single subscription. needs an overview. For this reason, Norton provides users of the version with an Internet portal that facilitates device management. In this way, every user is up to date and can realise his or her individual needs for device protection.

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