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McAfee LiveSafe is the comprehensive solution for virus protection – on your computer. on mobile devices and even e-book readers. Secure your devices against malware. Attacks over LAN and Wi-Fi connections, or add theft protection to mobile smartphones and tablets. Because McAfee LiveSafe can also store data in the cloud. you get an extremely powerful security package for all the important end devices. they use every day.

Key features in McAfee LiveSafe:

  • Virus protection and help against attackers – on all devices. McAfee LiveSafe is available for Windows PCs. Apple devices as well as Android smartphones, making it a complete protection for your digital life.
  • Automatic updates and scanning or manual help: Use McAfee LiveSafe as you need it or rely on the safe default settings.
  • QuickClean cleans your computer of data you no longer need. This makes McAfee LiveSafe an ideal solution. to get more performance on older devices.
  • Lost a mobile phone or tablet? Use the program. to install a location service and find lost or stolen devices quickly and within a few metres!
  • Manage passwords and make it easier for you to access numerous websites. Protect your passwords with absolutely secure face recognition (requires camera function on the end device).

McAfee LiveSafe: one antivirus for all your tasks

McAfee LiveSafe protects your computer from viruses. Trojans. Spyware and every other threat imaginable. Signatures are automatically updated several times a day, so you don’t have to worry about virus protection on your device. A simple user interface helps you do it. Configure McAfee LiveSafe the way you need it. Optionally, use the powerful presets. which are sufficient for the vast majority of users. to ensure excellent security. With included optimisation software to speed up your computer, McAfee LiveSafe is also suitable for older devices.

McAfee LiveSafe not only acts as a guardian on Windows PCs: you can also use the programme on devices with Android – such as smartphones and tablets – as well as on iPhones or iPads. In addition, McAfee LiveSafe serves as virus protection on MacBooks or Mac devices and can also protect Kindle readers from Amazon against threats. If you use several different devices in your household, McAfee LiveSafe is an ideal solution to keep them all at a high and consistent level of security.

More than virus protection: McAfee LiveSafe
Lost your mobile device? Your smartphone has fallen victim to theft? With McAfee LiveSafe, you can set up the device so that you can track it via a map service. If your phone has GPS, you can easily find it again, saving you the cost of buying a new one. Optionally, you can also use McAfee LiveSafe to permanently erase data remotely. Important business or personal documents are not suitable for access by third parties? McAfee LiveSafe should be your first choice.

In addition, McAfee LiveSafe allows you to store data in the company’s cloud service. so you always have a permanent backup available. Personal photos and work documents that you work on with colleagues can never be lost. Simplify website access with the Identity Manager in McAfee LiveSafe. by letting the tool take care of logging in – and optionally secure this feature against misuse with additional facial recognition. All of the above features are available for Windows. iOS. Android and MacOS X.

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