Bitdefender Antivirus Plus




Windows users get a sophisticated antivirus programme with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. which offers numerous added values. They retain control over their data at all times. when using the very effective malware protection. The programme not only protects against viruses. but also against worms. Trojans. Rootkits. Spyware. Zero-day exploits and more. The improved multi-layered protection against ransomware has, among other things, a data protection layer. which protects pictures. Music and the like from being encrypted by ransomware attacks. When browsing the Internet, the user is informed about suspected phishing websites – even before visiting them. This way, financial data and passwords remain secure. Practical: If the software detects a threat from complex viruses, it restarts the computer in rescue mode to remove the malware before Windows starts. To prevent suspicious programmes from entering the computer in the first place. Bitdefender Antivirus monitors the active apps for abnormal behaviour.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus does not slow down the PC
The current version offers optimised speed as well as features to improve performance. For example, the new autopilot serves as a “security advisor”. which suggests measures. that fit the requirements of the PC system and one’s own usage behaviour. Virus scans. which used to have a major impact on PC performance. are now carried out in the “Global Protective Network”. i.e. Bitdefender’s cloud. The contents of the files remain unseen. while the system speed remains as high as if no scan were taking place. The “Bitdefender Photon” technology also contributes to the conservation of system resources. with which the antivirus software adapts to the respective hardware and software configuration. Those who install Bitdefender Antivirus Plus on a notebook can also look forward to a longer battery life. The programme automatically adjusts system settings to save power – for example, system cooling or Bluetooth connection settings. A useful feature for any PC is that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus recognises whether you are in game, film or work mode. Film or work mode. Bitdefender also stops pop-ups, adjusts graphics settings and pauses unimportant background activities.

Security solution protects privacy and data on the net

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus points out harmful links – both in search engines and in social networks. This can be just as useful as the “File Shredder” function, which deletes files in such a way that no trace of them can be found on the PC. Private users and business managers alike can rely on secure online banking: A special browser for banking transactions is available. which protects transactions from fraud attempts. Furthermore, the tool “Bitdefender Safepay” makes it possible to Credit card data automatically and securely. Not only for these. but also for passwords and other sensitive data there is the password manager. which automatically fills in online forms and makes suggestions for secure passwords. For added security, the software offers a vulnerability assessment. This looks for security gaps – for example, outdated software, missing Windows security updates or possibly insecure system settings. Users of mobile devices can also protect them with Bitdefender and scan their entire device network via the Bitdefender Central Mobile App. One can create a Bitdefender user account. to control Bitdefender protection on all devices via the browser as well as iOS or Android. The app also provides security updates and direct contact with the support team at all times.

Virus protection for private individuals and companies
The antivirus programme of the established Romanian software company Bitdefender is aimed at different target groups. It is helpful for a user who wants to protect his home PC from threats. He can purchase a single licence for one to three years. From then on, his personal data is safe and his contacts are protected against self-propagating viruses. The programme is also interesting for self-employed persons and freelancers who work with Windows. They benefit especially from the software features “file shredder” and “system vulnerability scan”. Companies with salaried employees can buy original licences for several computers at once. This saves money and time and ensures that all relevant company PCs remain free of malware.

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