Avast Internet Security




Next-generation cybersecurity: Extend protection beyond your PC: Scan your home network and connected devices for vulnerabilities. seal off your files from ransomware. create unbreakable passwords for your accounts and more ANTIVIRUS: Intelligent analysis detects and blocks viruses. Malware. Spyware. Ransomware and phishing. CYBERCAPTURE: Isolates unknown files. to analyse them in the cloud. and notifies you. when the files are safe to use. FIREWALL: Essential protection. that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer. REAL SITE: Protects you from fake websites. that steal your bank details and login credentials. RANSOMWARE PROTECTION: Prevent untrusted apps from modifying, deleting or encrypting your photos and files. ANTI-SPAM: Avoid spam and other harmful content that may reach you via email. BEHAVIOUR PROTECTION: Protects you from zero-second threats and ransomware. by detecting suspicious behaviour patterns. WLAN INSPECTOR: Automatically detects vulnerabilities in your private WLAN. to keep hackers out. SENSIBLE DATA PROTECTION: Stops spyware from snooping on your documents for private information.

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